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Building Internet Treasures by Mark Pincus & Bing Gordon

Posted in Business, Internet, Technology by Tyrone Rubin on September 29, 2010

I would like to thank Michael Arrington for a truly amazing TechCrunch Distrupt and thank you so much for serving it on ustream so I could be a part of it, even though I live in South Africa. Thank you for embracing real time video and sharing. I want to comment on a couple of the talks. First off is one I will write about below in this post:

MONDAY, SEPT 27 TechCrunch Distrupt 27 – 29 2010
Building Internet Treasures: John Doerr (KPC&B), Mark Pincus (Zynga), Bing Gordon (KPC&B)

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A couple days before listening to this talk I listened to ‘A Serious Take on Internet Game Play’ from Stanford’s wonderful Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture Series

Serial entrepreneur and Zynga founder Mark Pincus and Bing Gordon, longtime Electronic Arts creative mind and investor on behalf of KPCB, provide a very laid-back and desultory conversation. Topics touched upon include successful CEOs, building sustainable companies, mentorship, and the consumer pay-driven Web 3.0.

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These talks opened me up to Pincus’s and Gordon’s concept of an internet treasure. An internet treasure as explained by Pincus is Web company we cannot imagine living without such as Facebook, Google, Amazon.
I concur.
Living without FB, means living without a universally accepted platform for keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues and having the ability to share.
Zuckerberg’s mission is the sharing of the worlds information.
Google’s mission of organizing the worlds information BUT veering overtly into creating
1.The worlds largest advertising company (already achieved).
2.The words largest Media Company (possibly already achieved).
3.A $100 billion company (almost)
Amazon – An infinite shopping portal. The driver of e-commerce.

Pincus is humble in accepting that we can live without Zynga, but he continues to strive towards creating an Internet Treasure. This ambition is both admirable and humbling to see. Mark Pincus in my opinion is one of the next web’s/Web 2.0/Web 2010’s leading CEO’s. Mark Pincus and Tony Hsieh have humanized the role of the CEO (I will elaborate on this point in time). They have perfectly merged entrepreneur and business leader. They have set the bar and we as entrepreneurs can only learn from these two people in moving forward with this new wave of entrepreneurial innovation.

Another thing Mark Pincus touched on is the fact that there are numerous positions open for people to lead in. He has become a leading figure in social gaming. Zuckerberg has become a leading figure in the Social Web but so have Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. So there will be many leaders in many spheres and now is the time to lead and capitalize on niches. Find your niche, then go and dominate.

I will deviate here and say that what is exciting me now are two words POST TWITTER. Twitter in my opinion is the most disruptive company to come out of nowhere and instantly become an ‘Internet Treasure’. FB had a slow build compared to Twitter. I love the fact that in this new wave of web technology companies can be simple, spring out of nowhere and change the world and twitter is living proof of this. It has everything. Its simple, focused, adaptive, addictive and loved. I marvel at twitters acceptance into popular culture in such a quick amount of time. If you don’t think Twitter will be a billion dollar company (which I am sure it is already), then you don’t understand its power.

To end off with I will say again, my mind marvels as the concept of POST TWITTER, by this I don’t mean that twitter will die, I only mean that it will live and thrive but we will see more twitters, more googles, more facebooks, more companies that spring out of nowhere and change the world. And the proven thing about POST TWITTER companies is that we cannot predict them. They just come and the public chooses to adopt them into mainstream culture and the only thing that changes is that it happens quicker and faster.

Metrics speak for themselves. I remember looking at a company everyone was buzzing about called twitter and it sat strongly around 900 on Alexa’s Traffic Rank, then just kept dominating, now its 9 and 7 in the US.

So what will be the next big web company that dominates like google, FB and Twitter? I have no freaking idea but I cant wait for it to arrive.


Are we born Good or Evil.

Posted in General Thoughts by Tyrone Rubin on September 26, 2010

There are often these very simple questions, which puzzle me for as long as I can recall. Questions without definite answers, questions of quite clique manner. One such question that has puzzled me has always been are we born good or are we born evil. My immediate, intuitive answer to this question for about a decade now has been we are born neither good nor evil. I think it becomes one of those questions that spans religion, G-d, morality. We want to believe we are born good, if we are of positive, optimistic nature or if we are of the opposite, we believe we are born evil. Biologically I think its proven that when we born we don’t have the capacity to understand good or evil, heck we don’t understand anything. So biologically one can say our brains and mind at the time of birth cannot understand the concept of Good or Evil.

Therefore I like to concoct hypothetical experiments, of which in the case of Dreams, Freud was quite brilliant in his book interpretation of Dreams, there I digress. Back to the nature of Good and Evil, expressed in excellent detail and thought in Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil. One hypothetical experiment can be to take 10 babies born in a village, raised by one mother in an extremely primitive environment. Food for sustenance, pretty caveman like and observe whether the 10 babies are more prone to Good or Evil. Okay that’s never going to happen. But take a population like India where there are 1 billion people, where millions squaller in cities and a large majority of these people in essence are good, they don’t rob, steal, lie or cheat, they just survive. I think that a child is raised by their parents to be in 99% of cases whatever their parents are more likely to lead them towards.

Hitler is a great example and from a very crass viewpoint one could argue that society at the time had to have effected one person to act in that extreme manner, with so many people with some many variant personality traits one is always going to get the person who is extremely negatively effected by external societal impacting events or philosophies. In the case of Hitler, it can boil down to the fact that since we are not programmed drones, but free individual personalities, who can choose from a myriad of infinite choices some people are bound to find the way to Evil. One can say that the external effects of people, parents and society effect the human being, not that the human is born of a certain predefined way. It can simply be concluded that randomness is always going to produce both Good and Evil people.

I would love to believe that as a majority the human race, of now 6.8 billion people, understands that Good beats Evil. Unfortunately there is not a universal acceptance at this moment in time of Good and Evil. One would think that the events of 9/11 were evil, but to, unfortunately, millions of people it was an act of good against the oppressed dominance of America, or some kind of self defense attack, as mad and crazy as that is to conceive. We are unfortunately living in a day and age where, as in the case of 9/11, where thousands of innocent people where murdered, man, woman and children, there are those amongst us who regard that as an act of good. I wonder, of the 6.8 billion people what percentage would say that, that incident was Good and what percentage would say that event to be Evil. Its sad to think of how high the percentage could possibly be of people who overtly believe that incident to be good. Acknowledging this point, being open to the fact that the world is askew with harsh extreme viewpoint of Good and Evil, we need to find some universally accepted distinction between Good and Evil. We, as human beings, who are capable of love, must educate the masses on the Evil acts of killing, of rape, of murder.

We should play by the rules and accept what is Good and what is Evil and work form that point forward. Coming back to the question of wether we as humans are born Good or born Evil, the answer is neither. The question becomes shady where the majority agrees that Good is better than Evil, but those lines are not universaly agreeded upon, as to what is actually Good and what is Evil. People performing evil acts like 9/11 believe they are actually doing Good, and their millions of supoporters believe that is Good, where in actual fact, if one stops for one second to annalyze the outcome of innocent lives being lost, it becomes obvious that they are wrong. I believe we, in most cases, choose to be good, but in a lot of cases what we think is good is actually evil.

7 Sept 2010 – been a while since the blog

Posted in Art, Business, Film, General Thoughts, Internet, Mac, Music, Technology, Television by Tyrone Rubin on September 7, 2010

Hiya, its been a month and a half since I last blogged on my personal site. I am going to try blog at least once a weak on my personal site. There are a couple things I am personally up to right now. At the company I work for Velocity film we are busy with some big commercials. The company keep me busy for most of the hours of the day which doesnt allow me much time to my personal projects but I endeveour with them nontheless, in the early mornings, evenings (when not too tired) and weekends. BUT I need to endevour and push more. I have my youtube channels running very well and am happy with the progress made http://www.youtube.com/movielovernews and http://www.youtube.com/tyronefilmshow and will continue to aim to be an intervational voice for film. I am working on putting all my continent in a great site http://movielovernews.com . I am also working on some product sites. And working on trying to increase my energy levels, by gyming, yoga, dance and liquids. Now enough about me.


I thought the Arcade Fire ‘The Suburbs’ was a truly magnificent album. I am happy it has garnederd so much commercial success, which in the case of bands like Kings of Leon, watered down there music. It is totally understandable why the album did becvome so commercial, the music is great and its their easiest album to listen to. That being said, the lyrics are very emotional, very inteligent and thoughtful. Its like poetry. The lyrics, emotion, movemenet in this album is outsdtand. Commercial yes, but still powerful. I think OK Computer reached the commercial masses but the album is still powerful. So the Arcade Fire proves you can be commercial but still remain powerful. Unfortunately I will after listening to the album a thousand times, like in the case of OK Computer start to tire of it. But how do you win that war with an album. With so many albums out there one is inundated, in a wonderful way, now with great music and I am truly lucky that I like so many genres, and sub genres that I have so much music to choose from. Other than the Arcade fire, today I will not talk of other music, I am alsways listening to music, it and tv and film are among my hectic obessive addictions so I consume those mediums with the utmost fervor.


I listened to a lot of talks from Chris Brogan who has really helped me with a lot of stuff. This past month I have come to think that if business can be an art and talent, like painting, sport and music then for the the artists of the decade are Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobbs. There are many more I can think of but they have instilled my last month. I listened to Jeff Bezos talk on Charlie Rose and marveled at how he had the drive to start Amazon so I concluded him to be an artist. I feel the tech space is interesting right now as we are in a bit of a commetivie age in tech, mdeia, tellecommincations and advertising and in some places it is getting more cut throught than collabroative. A couple months ago I was on a holw collaborative trip but now the competition is getting very cutthrat and it worries me a little but I think it could pass and the companies can start working on there own products and services. And once again that is where I admire Jeff Bezos and Tony Hsieh as they focused more on being the best they could than outdooing there competition. Competition is good as I find mysef becoming more and more competitive but more so with myself I thinkg, than with others. I am trying to use ohlife everyday. I am loving evernote.


Trailer park boys, Mad Men, Modern Family soon to be September time when all the great shows start. TV is my drug of choice.


Thanks for out to all the folks in the spaces I love who are teaching me everything I need to knowTony Hsieh, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Marc Andersen, Larry King, Charlie Rose, Steven Spielberg, Jason Calacanis, Kevin Rose, Rcihard Branson, Donald Trump, Gary Vaynrechuck, Chris Brogan, the Google Team, the Facebook team, the Apple team, the Pixar team, the Dreamworks team, the bloggers, techcrunch, techmeme, pitchfork, imdb, comingsoon, firstshowing, audible, amazon, darkhorizons, collider, /film. zappos, ebay, paypal, wordpress, drupal, wired, Darren Aronofsky, Thom Yorke and so many more people but those people, companies, sites etc just come to mind for the time being. There are loads more people I can name who have influenced me in some way this past month and a half.

21 July 2010 – Thoughts, literature, films, work, business, music, the wonderful web

Posted in Art, Business, Film, General Thoughts, Internet, Music, Technology, Television by Tyrone Rubin on July 21, 2010

Personal: Its been a while since I have blogged and doing so out of a need to keep my blog alive and a want. This is my personal blog so I also use it as a type of diary so I can remember things I was doing, enjoying, loving etc many years for now. Its been a busy couple months since I blogged trying to merge work, friends, projects etc all together. I am emplyed full time but am also trying to get my own businesses off the ground. One of the main focuses for me right now is my film shows online. I have three youtube channels http://www.youtube.com/movielovernews which is a regular movie news show, the aim is if you watch it, subscribe to my channell, you will have a great insight into what is happening in the world of film. Then I put the segments of the show onto another channel called http://www.youtube.com/tyronefilmshow so people can just watch specific news segments on the films or people they want to follow. Then there is the longer standing http://www.youtube.com/filmlovershow which has become more of a personal show. I am very lucky as I have partnered with Alex Marston on these shows. I find his presenting style amazing and funny and very entertaining and am very luck to be doing it together. I have a theory on partnership and that is that if I bring 100% to the table and he brings 100% to the table it should amount to more than 200%. I am not going to ellaborate more on that now. I was also steeped in the excitement of the world cup as for me it was extremely interesting and exciting having the World Cup in South Africa and a lot of the matches taking place where I live, Cape Town. My thoughts were further enthused by the fact that I was so emotional due to the fact that for the first time the entire world was focused on my country for a sustained peroid of an entire month in a positive way. I has never come close to happeneding before. Sure we have had sustained negative focus and maybe one of two days of sustained positive focused but never had such a sustained perioded of positive focus directed at our country. I thank everyone for making the dream come true and hope this country and continent benefit as it surely deserves and needs the worlds help right now. My push in a word is EDUCATION and is my dream and passion for Africa. I was also lucky to have my childhood best friend staying at me for the time of the world cup, I love the guy and his family so much and am thankful for that. Family, friends and happiness thats what I will end of the personal seciton of the post with.

The Web: There is so much fascinating things happening in the web which I wont elaborate on http://www.techcrunch.com and http://www.mashable.com do that job so well. The release of the iphone 4 really impressed me and again wont elaborate on that right now. There have not been that many interesting confereces lately but towards the end of the year there look to be some great ones. I really enjoyed Techrcunch’s conference. Still following the same tech peeps.

Literature: Busy listening to David Kirkpatrick’s The Facebook Effect and Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness and loving both of those audiobooks. I bought the double whammy Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan and cant wait to sink my teeth into it.

Television: I am holding back on watching the last 2 epidosed of last. The second last one and the long finale as once its over its over and no more lost. What an amazing show. There are no more comedies out at the moment for me since 30 Rock and The Office seasons are finished but waiting for Entourage is finished to watch it. I have beocme a sucker for reality shows like So you think you can dance, America’s got talent and the likes. South Africa has started its season of Idols and with partiotic pride I am hoping we top the level of talent from the States.

Film: I loved Toy Story 3 3D for so many reasons and cant really begin to write a review for it. I loved Crazy Heart and for some reason half way through It Might Get Loud it cut off but need to finish that as it was amazing.

Music: The albums I have loved recetly Autechre: Move of Ten, Big Boi: Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, The Roots: How I Got Over, The Chemical Brothers: Further, Drake: Thank Me Later, Keepaway: Baby Style EP, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: Before Today, Wild Nothing: Gemini, Robyn: Body Talk Pt. 1, Reflection Eternal: Revolutions Per Minute, Jamie Lidell: Compass Damian Marley / Nas: Distant Relatives, Janelle Monáe: The ArchAndroid, Band of Horses: Infinite Arms, Sleigh Bells: Treats, The Dead Weather: Sea of Cowards, Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma, Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record, Crystal Castles: Crystal Castles, Caribou: Swim, The Tallest Man on Earth: The Wild Hunt, The White Stripes  Under Great White Northern Lights (Album and Documentary superb)

Three New Album Recommendations

Posted in Music by Tyrone Rubin on April 25, 2010

My three current, hot off the shelve, album recommendations for April.

1. The National – High Violet. After the previous The Nation album The Boxer in 2007 I have been waiting for their follow-up album with major anticipation. In short – The album delivers. It starts out very sad, in terms of the themes of heartbreak and love but delivers musically in a very beautiful uplifting, heartwarming way. Its hard to explain that, but the album does, and progressively gets more upbeat and positive, leaving one with this overall feeling of darkness (in a good, mystical, magical, darkness type way) mixed with sheer musical bliss. I have only listened to the album about 5 times but think it will be listened to about a hundred times during the course of the next few months as it really touches my soul, and deals with themes and issues I am dealing with, and have had to deal wit. This album really speaks to me and I absolutely love everything about it. It’s so damn beautiful, both personally and musically.

2. New Pornographers – Together. After hearing the first single Your Hands a while ago I got so damn excited for this album as I needed a fun, uplifting, upbeat album in my life. Something that will warm my heart and make me smile just like that song did. Then I heard Crash Years and absolutely loved it, it was very different to Your Hands and provided me a larger, epic, more anthemic sound. It was simply wonderful, so when I first listened to the album it exploded with joy in my ears. It is extremely multilayered in terms of sounds, rhythm and lyrics. The album takes one on a journey of highs and lows, but the lows are never low they are just softer sounding highs. Its a wonderful happy album, that will warm your heart and put you in a high and happy spirit. The album rocks.

3. LCD Soundsystem – This is happening. After absolutely loving the dance, electronic sounds of Hot Chips latest masterful pop explosion ‘One Life Stand’ I was waiting with all my excited anticipation for LCD’s follow up to the magical masterful Sound of Silver. Sound of Silver rocked the dance boat with every sense of musical rhymic style one hopes and wishes for. The album is still so fresh, amazing and beautiful that one would expect a follow-up to be just as great and hopefully greater. I have been listening to this album for a while now, over and over again but just dont love it yet. I stress the YET, as I am sure I will get it and love it very soon. I love the track ‘I Can Change’. I think it’s a great dance, electric pop track, which tops most of what Hot Chip has, well maybe. I usually skip through Drunk Girls as it kinda irritates me, at this moment of seriousness I am going through in my life. I will love it maybe when I am either drunk or wanting drunk girls, but for now its one of my least favourite tracks on the album. I love the fact that the tracks are masterfully thought out and produced in their wonderfully long length. Most of the tracks are magnificently valued in production lengths of around 7 to 8 minutes. There are some superb tracks like Dance Yourself Clean and All I want, but I feel lacking in You Wanted a Hit and Pow Pow. I know James Murphy is a musical dance genius and I absolutely love the guy so much and hope to one day, very soon, understand where this album is headed, what it means and one day love it more or at least as much as Sound of Silver. That I am sure will happen and urge anyone in love with current music to listen to this magical, still to be understood by me, album. It will blow you away, hopefully, one day that is. Maybe tomorrow!

United States of Tara and How to Make It in America

Posted in Television by Tyrone Rubin on April 25, 2010

I am a TV addict and I cant seem to quit. I am currently watching Lost, The Office, House and 30 Rock and Loving all of them and they are surely providing me with a sense of entertainment that only TV can bring me. That is the current view slate but among those I have, and am also watching, a load more, but those are my main shows that are indulging my TV addiction.

Two new shows that have provided some amazing comfort in the TV addict department are ‘United States of Tara’ and ‘How to Make It in America’. I find the writing, characters, themes, and performances in United States of Tara truly magnificent. I loved the first season of the show and loving the second season and hope that it carries on throwing punches and delivering a truly high level of television satisfaction. I was a tiny but reluctant about How to Make It in America, but how can I really be with HBO behind this baby, as well as some of the Entourage crew. I loved this show, it is not as hard hitting entertainment as Entourage but has a very unique mature style to it, it has something great about it that I cant quite put my finger on, oh wait yes, its aspiration or inspirational or both and that’s something lacking in television lately.

One last time I want to mention The Office, House, 30 Rock and Lost for feeding my current TV addiction, please keep bringing it on in the amazing way your shows do.

Twitter Chirp and Facebook F8 conferences in April

Posted in Internet, Technology by Tyrone Rubin on April 25, 2010

April provided me with a lot of Web delights. Facebook had there F8 annual conference and all the top dogs were there talking about majour changes. I will never be able to blog about what went down better than the gurus over at mashable, techcrunch, Robert Scoble and the likes. My Buzz, Facebook, blogs and Twitter streams provided me with everything I needed to know about all the majour changes. There was a great article at the huffington post about the 11 major changes. Personally I loved the videos for the confernce and here is link to them, which shows all the top guys at the amazing company Facebook dish it all out. I am excited about the ‘like’ button/initiated in terms of intergration. It allows a lot of intergration through websites, channel, sharing content etc. I think its a major change and brings most of the worlds media towards facebook and sociallizing it in a truly amazing integrated social way, as only facebook can seem to do. Now not only are they bringing all the world together, they are bringing all the worlds content and information together, some major plays here people. Crazy crazy interesting stuff, should I say crazy once more – CRAZY. I really wont get into this right now, maybe at a latter, more passionate tiome, but as mentioned, its all detailed and covered but I am extremely excited about the effects of this. Mark Zuckerberg ended the keynote saying something to the effect that when you die, heaven will be a place where everyone you have liked and loved, friends, family etc will all be there together, and thats what he wants Facebook to be. Man I loved that, the dude and his company.

Then Twitter had their first major conference called Chirp. The video is here. I thought the talks by Biz Stone and Evan Williams and the rest of the Twitter crew were amazing. The main thing I got out of it were the promoted tweets and again, the rest can all be seen online in detail.

Click images below to go to the conference pages to learn more about these 2 revolutionary companies.

and good luck to Twitter and FB in their quest to socialize and organize the web and create great experiences for their users.

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The wonder-minds of the Social Media space dish it out

Posted in Business, Internet, Technology by Tyrone Rubin on March 4, 2010

This morning I was lucky to find out, from a tweet from Robert Scoble, that these talks were online. As mentioned in previous posts, I absolutely love video lectures. I listen to numerous podcasts, listen to a plethora of audio content, read countless blogs but my favourite treat is online video lectures, talks and content. It makes learning a fun experience for me, as I get to watch the person dishing out the goods, talking the talk. Doing his or her thang, first hand. First prize would obviously be to be in the actual presence of the lecturer or speaker but watching the person online is pretty much second best. These four talks are a must watch for any internet entrepreneur. Social media is the most important part of online business. In fact, social media, is online business as its most fundamental. Social being the people and media being the platform to the people. On the subject of social media and the internet as a tool for business I can ramble on for hours but instead I will rather let the best in the business dish it out, in a very short and informed way. Thanks so Stanford and the people involved.

‘ This Discusion was part of the Stanford GSB marketing course, the Power of Social Technology (Dr. Jennifer Aaker). A panel of experts, including Robert Scoble, MC Hammer, and Loic LeMeur, discussed how social media can build successful brands.’

3 March 2010 – Gil Scott-Heron’s new album ‘ I’m New Here ‘ and how I stopped worrying about the music industry

Posted in Art, Internet, Music by Tyrone Rubin on March 3, 2010

Please note I do a lot of generalizing in this post. I cannot be very specific as the music buying power is made of billions of people so I was forced to make assumptions and generalizations. So once again, please keep that in mind when I go into my demographic analysis.

I started listening to the new Gil Scott-Heron album ‘I’m New Here‘ the other day and it really blew me away. The soulfulness of this album and beautiful voice of this artist have made  a lasting impact on me. For whatever reason, this deviates me into writing about a huge interest I have, which is in the business side of things, the business side of film and music and pretty much everything. One of my tendencies is to look at the Amazon sales rank of an album. It is one of my favourite music album commercial metrics. There is of course the billboard charts, itunes and many other forms of music distribution platforms but the reason I like to look at Amazon is that I feel its somewhere in the middle, in terms of both market and medium. In terms of market, I feel it has one of the broadest markets in terms of demographics. I feel itunes draws mostly a younger audience, which I will attempt to prove later in the post. The physical stores bring in a certain age group range, but I feel Amazon is one of the best measurable levelers. It sits somewhere very comfortably between old media and new media. Old media being that the physical CD is still being delivered through the most advanced new media platform around. Amazon has been, and still is, the leader in mass e-commerce. Back to the album in question which is currently ranked number 140 on Amazon and rising. I think that’s fantastic since that is number 140 out of all the millions of CD’s that Amazon sells. It might rise up the ranks and get even more popular. The reason I feel that Amazon is a type of leveller is that it has the broadest demographic of buying power, and allows for all the genres of music to succeed, on an equal playing field. To further my point I am going to look at 3 major music distribution charts, dating Wednesday 3 March, 3:30am GMT. I will analyze the top 20 best sellers on each chart to make my point about Amazon having the most diverse demographic audience.

1. Apple itunes charthere

Younger demographic buying Back Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Jason Derülo, Danny Gokey, Easton Corbin, Jamie Cullum, Kesha, Raheem DeVaughn, Alice Soundtrack. Somewhere in between younger and older demographic buying, Sade, Lifehouse, Pheonix, Blake Shelton, Matt Wertz, XX, Lady Antebellum. Older demographic buying Peter Gabriel, Johnny Cash

2. Amazon bestesllers in musichere

Younger demographic buying Danny Gokey, Jamie Cullum. Somewhere in between younger and older demographic buying Sade, Peter Gabriel, Lady Antebellum, Susan Boyle, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Crazy Heart Soundtrack, K. D. Lang, Gorillaz, Blake Shelton, The Canadian Tenors, Michael Bublé, Joanna Newsom, Lifehouse, John Hiatt (he might fall inbetween this demographic and the older demographic, not too sure)  Older demographic buying Jimi Hendrix, Jonny Cash, Jeff Beck

3. Billboard top 200 albumshere

Younger demographic buying Back Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Kesha, Rihanna, Alvin and the Chipmunks CD. Somewhere in between group demographic buying Sade, Lady Antebellum, Lil Wayne, Susan Boyle, Alicia Keys, Matt Wertz, Jaheim, Josh Turner, Mary J. Blige, Michael, TobyMac, Zac Brown Band, Carrie Underwood. Older group demographic buying

Conclusion: (no real great insight below)
I don’t want to go into a generalizational (cant think of a better word to use) conclusion, even though ,up front in the post I made apologies for doing so, but if I feel obligated to some form of  summarized analysis of the above music sales data from itunes, amazon and the billboard chart, which I will try my best to do. Before I do here is a quick summary of the three platforms of music delivery.

itunes – serves as a platform for the sale of direct download of mp3 albums (I have only been talking about albums and not singles this post).

Amazon – the chart I looked at is the specific chart for the ordering online of the physical CD to be physically delivered to a physical location. Amazon does have an itunes like download of the digital album platform here. On a quick glance all I will say very briefly is this demographic that is purchasing here is young than the demographic purchasing the physical CD.

Billboard chart according to wikipedia ‘The chart is based solely on sales (both at retail and digitally) of albums in the United States’. I was assuming while writing this post that the billboard chart covered sales in music stores only, but apparently it also covers digital downloads. For the metrics of physical store sales, i.e. the demographic who are mostly going to the physical stores selling physical CD’s and making physical purchases, I guess I would have to analyse the data from the majour retail CD outlet stores. But its too late for that now.

In concluding I will just say that it looks like the younger demographic are preferring to buy their music on itunes than order the physical CD from Amazon or the stores. Very obvious, does not take a genius to figure that one out, but it was fun doing this. As for which demographic is going to the physic stores and making the physical purchase of the physical CD I assume its quite broad still, maybe leaning towards the younger to middle age groups. The middle to older demographics are definitely the ones still purchasing the physical CD on Amazon and in stores. Come to think of it, why would any youngster with an ipod as his or her primary device for music consumption want a physical CD? Environmentally speaking it does not make sense as well as convenience, and so many other logical reasons I wont bother going into right now. I grew up in the tangible music age where I bought music from the stores, touched the CD’s I was purchasing. I did not have the internet to browse information, I used magazines.

Unfortunately I don’t feel there is any real fundamental knowledge gained here on the music industry but I hope seeing the itunes, amazon and billboard charts gives one a quick glance into music sales that are happening right now.

My favourite albums so far this year 2010 plus some I am looking forward to – 28 Feb 2010

Posted in Music by Tyrone Rubin on February 28, 2010

Some of my favourite albums of 2010 so far….
Four Tet – There is Love In You
Beach House – Teen Dream
Joanna Newsom – Have One on Me
Yeasayer – Odd Blood
Local Natives – Gorilla Manor
The Knife – Tomorrow in a Year
Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Albums in 2010 I am looking forward to:

The New Pornographers – Together – info
Fleet Foxes – Second Album – info
Arcade Fire – TBC – info
MGMT – Congratulations – info
Goldfrapp – Head First – info
The Strokes – TBC – info
Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – info
David Byrne & Fatboy Slm – Here Lies Love – info
Panda Bear – TBC – info
LCD Soundsystem – TBC – info
Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma – info
The National – TBC – info
The Avalanches – TBC – info
Liars – Sisterworld – info
No Age – TBC – info
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Of Montreal – TBC – info
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