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Invictus Opens in the States this weekend – Good Luck

Posted in Film by Tyrone Rubin on December 10, 2009

South Africa / Africa is really in the media global viewpoint. From the World Cup draw last weekend to this weekends release of Invictus to 2010 World Cup. Wow I am so proud of this country. As a film lover extraordinaire I am really interested to see how the public take to the film. I was lucky enough to follow my filmic idol around set for an entire day. So speak about Clint Eastwoods influence on cinema would take up far too much time right now, time which I dont have as I am sneaking in this post in between work. I really want the film to open strongly this weekend and take some great box office. That means people watch it and its popular and the positivity of South Africa resonates through the worlkd even more so than what is happening in terms of WC 2010. All this is having a positive influence on a continent that clearly needs the worlds attention right now. The is so much plight in Africa that the more positive things that come from this country and continent the more hearts we can effect and can help us in some way. I am not getting into the filmic technicalities of the film, in terms of what the critics are saying. Critics are critics – get it. The film will be entertaining, it will be feel good, it will probably be outstandingly uplifting. So go watch it and let all the positive vibes effect this country, as we surely need all the beautiful positivity we can get.
Thanks Clint!

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