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Top 10 films so far of 2009

Posted in Film by Tyrone Rubin on December 15, 2009

Tarantino listed his top 8 films of 2009 and I feel like I will do the same but give a top 10 list. Please note that this is a quick list and without too much thought so I am sure I have left some films out. Also please note this is also based on entertainment value and not critical acclaim. I will have to wait and see what the oscars and globes have in store and lastly please not there are some films I still have to see.

My list so far (in no particular order) of favourite films of 2010
The hurt locker
500 days of summer
Inglorious Bastards
Avatar 3-D
Up in the Air
Star Trek
The Hangover
Funny People
Where the Wild things are
Paranormal Activity
District 9


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