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28 Feb Sunday – Google Mail vs Yahoo Mail

Posted in Internet, Technology by Tyrone Rubin on February 28, 2010

Morning all, I am now going to be blogging very regularly, I hope. Since my interestes span from film, haviung the website The Film Lover Show, to commercials, productions, media, and all that that entails as I work as a researcher at South Africa’s top commercials production company Velocity Films. I have also an obcessive interest and pasison for the web and all that it offers. Asside from the before mentioned I have many other interests such as finance, photogprahy, music etc and will basically be blogging constantly (again – I hope) all my intereests. Using this blog as a type of journal to my life. A diary of sort.

My first post in a while is to let everyone know that my yahoo mail was hacked or some can say phished. Using a mac for the last couple years I have, so very fortunately, not been exposed to viruses, spyware or anti-virus and anti-spyware problems, computing life just works so beautifully on a mac. Thank you Steve Jobs for creating this beautiful product. I appreciate it all the time. So back to the email attack. I woke up to find my yahoo mailbox filled with more emails than usual. To my stressful surprise I later came to find out that everyone in my address book was emailed a link. It was a google site. For some of you who dont know, google allow you to create websites of sort, not blogs but sites, anyway I wont go into that now. But it was a link to a site created by that platform. I clicked the link and it was disabled. This perplexed me and worried me as I got emails from people saying that I spammed them. I am now really trying to use the internet for the good of myself and my businesses and if I a seen as a spammer then that really infrginesh on my future prospects in this space. I emailed yahoo and they sent a template reply saying I should change my passowrd, which I figured out before hand. I was hoping they would send an apology email to everyone, but unfortunately I was left to pick up the pieces. I still not have found a solution to the attack. I have changed all my other passwords on all my other accounts. I have tried to move everything to gmail until I have totally made the transition, but that might take some time. I wish I could send a mass apology to everyone who recieved that spam. But then it could also look like I am someone who is vulrnerable to attacks. The burning question I have, which I have accepted I might never have an answer to, is what happened. Was this a bot, was this a personal attack. What the heck was this. I have more details I will not divulge right now, but if someone ever reads this and has any thoughts I can run them through more of the technical aspects of the attack. There is also a little irony in this and that is the fact that I have been using yahoo mail for a decade probably, and all has been fine, and in tech one cannot stick with one product without at least trying others to see if there are better services out there. I have remained yahoo mail complacint for years and a couple months ago, prior to the attack obviously, I have been using gmail. Everything seemed quicker and better and with the addition of buzz a lot more fun, interactive and lovely. So in my opion in the war between yahoo mail and google mail. Google seem to be wininng in my opinion that is.


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