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Are we born Good or Evil.

Posted in General Thoughts by Tyrone Rubin on September 26, 2010

There are often these very simple questions, which puzzle me for as long as I can recall. Questions without definite answers, questions of quite clique manner. One such question that has puzzled me has always been are we born good or are we born evil. My immediate, intuitive answer to this question for about a decade now has been we are born neither good nor evil. I think it becomes one of those questions that spans religion, G-d, morality. We want to believe we are born good, if we are of positive, optimistic nature or if we are of the opposite, we believe we are born evil. Biologically I think its proven that when we born we don’t have the capacity to understand good or evil, heck we don’t understand anything. So biologically one can say our brains and mind at the time of birth cannot understand the concept of Good or Evil.

Therefore I like to concoct hypothetical experiments, of which in the case of Dreams, Freud was quite brilliant in his book interpretation of Dreams, there I digress. Back to the nature of Good and Evil, expressed in excellent detail and thought in Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil. One hypothetical experiment can be to take 10 babies born in a village, raised by one mother in an extremely primitive environment. Food for sustenance, pretty caveman like and observe whether the 10 babies are more prone to Good or Evil. Okay that’s never going to happen. But take a population like India where there are 1 billion people, where millions squaller in cities and a large majority of these people in essence are good, they don’t rob, steal, lie or cheat, they just survive. I think that a child is raised by their parents to be in 99% of cases whatever their parents are more likely to lead them towards.

Hitler is a great example and from a very crass viewpoint one could argue that society at the time had to have effected one person to act in that extreme manner, with so many people with some many variant personality traits one is always going to get the person who is extremely negatively effected by external societal impacting events or philosophies. In the case of Hitler, it can boil down to the fact that since we are not programmed drones, but free individual personalities, who can choose from a myriad of infinite choices some people are bound to find the way to Evil. One can say that the external effects of people, parents and society effect the human being, not that the human is born of a certain predefined way. It can simply be concluded that randomness is always going to produce both Good and Evil people.

I would love to believe that as a majority the human race, of now 6.8 billion people, understands that Good beats Evil. Unfortunately there is not a universal acceptance at this moment in time of Good and Evil. One would think that the events of 9/11 were evil, but to, unfortunately, millions of people it was an act of good against the oppressed dominance of America, or some kind of self defense attack, as mad and crazy as that is to conceive. We are unfortunately living in a day and age where, as in the case of 9/11, where thousands of innocent people where murdered, man, woman and children, there are those amongst us who regard that as an act of good. I wonder, of the 6.8 billion people what percentage would say that, that incident was Good and what percentage would say that event to be Evil. Its sad to think of how high the percentage could possibly be of people who overtly believe that incident to be good. Acknowledging this point, being open to the fact that the world is askew with harsh extreme viewpoint of Good and Evil, we need to find some universally accepted distinction between Good and Evil. We, as human beings, who are capable of love, must educate the masses on the Evil acts of killing, of rape, of murder.

We should play by the rules and accept what is Good and what is Evil and work form that point forward. Coming back to the question of wether we as humans are born Good or born Evil, the answer is neither. The question becomes shady where the majority agrees that Good is better than Evil, but those lines are not universaly agreeded upon, as to what is actually Good and what is Evil. People performing evil acts like 9/11 believe they are actually doing Good, and their millions of supoporters believe that is Good, where in actual fact, if one stops for one second to annalyze the outcome of innocent lives being lost, it becomes obvious that they are wrong. I believe we, in most cases, choose to be good, but in a lot of cases what we think is good is actually evil.


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