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Building Internet Treasures by Mark Pincus & Bing Gordon

Posted in Business, Internet, Technology by Tyrone Rubin on September 29, 2010

I would like to thank Michael Arrington for a truly amazing TechCrunch Distrupt and thank you so much for serving it on ustream so I could be a part of it, even though I live in South Africa. Thank you for embracing real time video and sharing. I want to comment on a couple of the talks. First off is one I will write about below in this post:

MONDAY, SEPT 27 TechCrunch Distrupt 27 – 29 2010
Building Internet Treasures: John Doerr (KPC&B), Mark Pincus (Zynga), Bing Gordon (KPC&B)

Click Image to Watch

Click Image to Watch

A couple days before listening to this talk I listened to ‘A Serious Take on Internet Game Play’ from Stanford’s wonderful Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture Series

Serial entrepreneur and Zynga founder Mark Pincus and Bing Gordon, longtime Electronic Arts creative mind and investor on behalf of KPCB, provide a very laid-back and desultory conversation. Topics touched upon include successful CEOs, building sustainable companies, mentorship, and the consumer pay-driven Web 3.0.

Click Image to Watch

Click Image to Watch

These talks opened me up to Pincus’s and Gordon’s concept of an internet treasure. An internet treasure as explained by Pincus is Web company we cannot imagine living without such as Facebook, Google, Amazon.
I concur.
Living without FB, means living without a universally accepted platform for keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues and having the ability to share.
Zuckerberg’s mission is the sharing of the worlds information.
Google’s mission of organizing the worlds information BUT veering overtly into creating
1.The worlds largest advertising company (already achieved).
2.The words largest Media Company (possibly already achieved).
3.A $100 billion company (almost)
Amazon – An infinite shopping portal. The driver of e-commerce.

Pincus is humble in accepting that we can live without Zynga, but he continues to strive towards creating an Internet Treasure. This ambition is both admirable and humbling to see. Mark Pincus in my opinion is one of the next web’s/Web 2.0/Web 2010’s leading CEO’s. Mark Pincus and Tony Hsieh have humanized the role of the CEO (I will elaborate on this point in time). They have perfectly merged entrepreneur and business leader. They have set the bar and we as entrepreneurs can only learn from these two people in moving forward with this new wave of entrepreneurial innovation.

Another thing Mark Pincus touched on is the fact that there are numerous positions open for people to lead in. He has become a leading figure in social gaming. Zuckerberg has become a leading figure in the Social Web but so have Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. So there will be many leaders in many spheres and now is the time to lead and capitalize on niches. Find your niche, then go and dominate.

I will deviate here and say that what is exciting me now are two words POST TWITTER. Twitter in my opinion is the most disruptive company to come out of nowhere and instantly become an ‘Internet Treasure’. FB had a slow build compared to Twitter. I love the fact that in this new wave of web technology companies can be simple, spring out of nowhere and change the world and twitter is living proof of this. It has everything. Its simple, focused, adaptive, addictive and loved. I marvel at twitters acceptance into popular culture in such a quick amount of time. If you don’t think Twitter will be a billion dollar company (which I am sure it is already), then you don’t understand its power.

To end off with I will say again, my mind marvels as the concept of POST TWITTER, by this I don’t mean that twitter will die, I only mean that it will live and thrive but we will see more twitters, more googles, more facebooks, more companies that spring out of nowhere and change the world. And the proven thing about POST TWITTER companies is that we cannot predict them. They just come and the public chooses to adopt them into mainstream culture and the only thing that changes is that it happens quicker and faster.

Metrics speak for themselves. I remember looking at a company everyone was buzzing about called twitter and it sat strongly around 900 on Alexa’s Traffic Rank, then just kept dominating, now its 9 and 7 in the US.

So what will be the next big web company that dominates like google, FB and Twitter? I have no freaking idea but I cant wait for it to arrive.


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