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Twitter Chirp and Facebook F8 conferences in April

Posted in Internet, Technology by Tyrone Rubin on April 25, 2010

April provided me with a lot of Web delights. Facebook had there F8 annual conference and all the top dogs were there talking about majour changes. I will never be able to blog about what went down better than the gurus over at mashable, techcrunch, Robert Scoble and the likes. My Buzz, Facebook, blogs and Twitter streams provided me with everything I needed to know about all the majour changes. There was a great article at the huffington post about the 11 major changes. Personally I loved the videos for the confernce and here is link to them, which shows all the top guys at the amazing company Facebook dish it all out. I am excited about the ‘like’ button/initiated in terms of intergration. It allows a lot of intergration through websites, channel, sharing content etc. I think its a major change and brings most of the worlds media towards facebook and sociallizing it in a truly amazing integrated social way, as only facebook can seem to do. Now not only are they bringing all the world together, they are bringing all the worlds content and information together, some major plays here people. Crazy crazy interesting stuff, should I say crazy once more – CRAZY. I really wont get into this right now, maybe at a latter, more passionate tiome, but as mentioned, its all detailed and covered but I am extremely excited about the effects of this. Mark Zuckerberg ended the keynote saying something to the effect that when you die, heaven will be a place where everyone you have liked and loved, friends, family etc will all be there together, and thats what he wants Facebook to be. Man I loved that, the dude and his company.

Then Twitter had their first major conference called Chirp. The video is here. I thought the talks by Biz Stone and Evan Williams and the rest of the Twitter crew were amazing. The main thing I got out of it were the promoted tweets and again, the rest can all be seen online in detail.

Click images below to go to the conference pages to learn more about these 2 revolutionary companies.

and good luck to Twitter and FB in their quest to socialize and organize the web and create great experiences for their users.

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