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Three New Album Recommendations

Posted in Music by Tyrone Rubin on April 25, 2010

My three current, hot off the shelve, album recommendations for April.

1. The National – High Violet. After the previous The Nation album The Boxer in 2007 I have been waiting for their follow-up album with major anticipation. In short – The album delivers. It starts out very sad, in terms of the themes of heartbreak and love but delivers musically in a very beautiful uplifting, heartwarming way. Its hard to explain that, but the album does, and progressively gets more upbeat and positive, leaving one with this overall feeling of darkness (in a good, mystical, magical, darkness type way) mixed with sheer musical bliss. I have only listened to the album about 5 times but think it will be listened to about a hundred times during the course of the next few months as it really touches my soul, and deals with themes and issues I am dealing with, and have had to deal wit. This album really speaks to me and I absolutely love everything about it. It’s so damn beautiful, both personally and musically.

2. New Pornographers – Together. After hearing the first single Your Hands a while ago I got so damn excited for this album as I needed a fun, uplifting, upbeat album in my life. Something that will warm my heart and make me smile just like that song did. Then I heard Crash Years and absolutely loved it, it was very different to Your Hands and provided me a larger, epic, more anthemic sound. It was simply wonderful, so when I first listened to the album it exploded with joy in my ears. It is extremely multilayered in terms of sounds, rhythm and lyrics. The album takes one on a journey of highs and lows, but the lows are never low they are just softer sounding highs. Its a wonderful happy album, that will warm your heart and put you in a high and happy spirit. The album rocks.

3. LCD Soundsystem – This is happening. After absolutely loving the dance, electronic sounds of Hot Chips latest masterful pop explosion ‘One Life Stand’ I was waiting with all my excited anticipation for LCD’s follow up to the magical masterful Sound of Silver. Sound of Silver rocked the dance boat with every sense of musical rhymic style one hopes and wishes for. The album is still so fresh, amazing and beautiful that one would expect a follow-up to be just as great and hopefully greater. I have been listening to this album for a while now, over and over again but just dont love it yet. I stress the YET, as I am sure I will get it and love it very soon. I love the track ‘I Can Change’. I think it’s a great dance, electric pop track, which tops most of what Hot Chip has, well maybe. I usually skip through Drunk Girls as it kinda irritates me, at this moment of seriousness I am going through in my life. I will love it maybe when I am either drunk or wanting drunk girls, but for now its one of my least favourite tracks on the album. I love the fact that the tracks are masterfully thought out and produced in their wonderfully long length. Most of the tracks are magnificently valued in production lengths of around 7 to 8 minutes. There are some superb tracks like Dance Yourself Clean and All I want, but I feel lacking in You Wanted a Hit and Pow Pow. I know James Murphy is a musical dance genius and I absolutely love the guy so much and hope to one day, very soon, understand where this album is headed, what it means and one day love it more or at least as much as Sound of Silver. That I am sure will happen and urge anyone in love with current music to listen to this magical, still to be understood by me, album. It will blow you away, hopefully, one day that is. Maybe tomorrow!